WBBL Drum Pack 2019




After a looooong time of people asking, I've made my own drum sample pack. Hooray!

When you buy this pack you'll recieve 200 of the dankest quality wav one shots which include 50 of the fattest kicks, 50 crunchy chunky snares, 50 tight light and bitey hats and some beautiful percussion, claps and crashes.

"a must for any prodcuer wanting to take thier tunes to the next level in crispy niceness" - Me

"For any genre you could imagine producing, including house, tech house, house tech, jump down, blubstep, gateaux funk, uptown trunk, balkan ballads, hot cross grimes, loud, shambient, proud mum rock, chillvibewave, minimal gluten, bass and drum, WBBL's drum pack will make your productions pop like a balloon in a needle factory" - Also me.

"Treat your tunes to nicer drums. they deserve it" - Still me


released April 1, 2019



all rights reserved


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